Their older sister, Plataran Dharmawangsa serves equally wonderful food, housed in a wonderful Joglo home. Nasi goreng kambing, nasi uduk, and ketoprak are some of the conventional meals from Betawi tribes that you can try throughout your visits. This dish has much Chinese influence, uniquely using Food & Cooking News “juhi” . The gado-gado looking salad consists of juhi, yellow noodles, tofu, steamed potato, lettuce, and cucumber. Those components are topped with tasty peanut sauce and rice crackers. As for the style, the dish is obviously spicy because of the chili however the addition of smoked roa fish enhances the style of the banana fritter.

  • Unlike other soto dishes commonly having clear broth, soto Betawi could be very thick.
  • Although mutton is primarily used for this soup, typically hen and beef are added to counterpoint the broth.
  • There are two primary versions of bakso out there, one is the Chinese type and the other is the extra local Indonesian type – each are delicious.
  • You can choose from five plans, starting from 4 meals per week up to 18 meals per week.

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