Are You Ready for an Audit?

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The Federal Authorities is continually auditing healthcare entities. A current Michigan settlement resulted in jail time and a hefty reimbursement for violations of the False Claims Act. We may help

Does Divorce Change My Property Plan?

May 18, 2023 0 Comments 5 tags

Sure! Even when you do not have a written property plan, you will have an property plan per the legal guidelines of your state. If you happen to

Doctor Contracting 101 – Rickard & Associates

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Doctor contracts are sometimes difficult and have distinctive phrases. We assist our shoppers perceive the phrases and negotiate their contracts. We may help you keep on high of the most

What’s intrinsic motivation and are some examples of intrinsic motivation?

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We might earn cash or merchandise from the businesses talked about on this put up. In case you’re acquainted in any respect with my earlier weblog posts and articles you already